Sunday, March 28, 2010

Colleen's birthday ~ the big 2

Colleen's birthday was delightful - she had fun, which was my one and only goal. We celebrated her birthday the day before, on St. Patrick's Day.  The day on which she was supposed to be born... but I digress. It was good! She changed clothes twice during the evening, ate lots of her birthday cake (and is still asking where it went) opened presents and had fun with her friends. Perfect!

Here are a few photos...

Uncle Chris, Aunt Karen and 4 of their boys joined us

I actually made this cake! And it came out of the pan like a dream, didn't crack in half, fall in, taste horrible or drop on the floor - all of which have happened to me before.

This is my Irish flag veggie tray. I was very proud. Curt made me pose... he still can make me crack up!

Colleen: "Ummm... are you mad that I have green icing all over me?" Not at all, dear!

And she really needed to wear Katherine's purple jacket and her "pack pack" while playing outside. Really.


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