Monday, March 31, 2008

How to get more $$ for your tooth...

March 30, 2008 014
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So here's the story. Jonathan lost his first tooth the day after Colleen was born. He was very excited because in Kindergarten you get to put your name on this giant tooth when you loose one. Anyway, he wrapped the tooth up in a little envelope he made and put it under his pillow before he went to bed.

As usual, Curt and I kept hearing various clunking and chattering noises coming from the back of the house. Nothing new there. We heard the bathroom door slam shut and water running in the sink. Again, nothing new. Then, bathroom door opens and Jonathan comes out into the living room, with huge tears in his eyes, holding back a sob. He's holding his bottle of tooth paste and a barrette. Here's what happened:

He told us, between sobbing and sniffling, that Emelie informed him that if you have a very clean tooth, the tooth fairy will give you a extra money for it. (Curt and I did not know of this fact) So, Emelie told Jonathan the he should go and brush his tooth really well before he went to sleep. He did just that, always willing and eager to follow the advice of his big sister. He got his tube of toothpaste (the kind that stands upright on the counter) and squeezed it while he held the tooth over the opening to catch some paste on it. Then, he let go of the tooth paste tube, and it sucked his tooth into the tube! He tried to fish it out with Emelie's barrette, but that only crammed it further down.

So, Curt had to perform surgery on the tooth paste tube to get the tooth out, which was, after all, now very clean.

The tooth fairy left Jonathan a $1.25.



    Brilliant! I love it! :)

  2. lol!
    Your kiddos remind me so much of mine- the dynamics are exactly the same. cute story!

  3. I'll have to tell my dental patients that one.

  4. Made me literally laugh out loud. I had to yell it to Kristy in the other room and we all laughed.