Tuesday, September 2, 2008

first day of school 2008, two weeks late.

Aren't they CUTE!? And BIG!?

I have seen articles on "blog etiquette". I have purposely NOT read them, because I am sure it says something about not posting 3 blog posts in one day.

If I didn't post all these at once, they'd never get up!

So, you'll have to put up with me!! :)

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Katherine watching elephants in the back yard.

Originally uploaded by laurengulde
Thankfully the elephants didn't notice that her shirt was on backwards! You can't really tell here, but when you see the little buttons and bow on her back, it's pretty obvious.

She said there were elephants playing on our swing set. So, we watched them.

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real life funnies

Setting: Car, on the way to a doctor appointment on Labor Day. Kids squealing, poking each other, getting in each other's "space", etc... Lots of NOISE.

Katherine, in her little, sweet, high pitched voice: "I don't like ANYBODY in this car!"


Later that day...

Setting: Making a pie with Emelie while everyone else is sleeping or otherwise occupied.

I have light corn syrup on the counter with the other ingredients.

Emelie: "Mom, is this that high ferocious corn syrup? I hear that's really bad for you!"

I bet so!!

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Gig 'em!

Curt took Jonathan to his first Aggie football game on Saturday (thanks for the tickets, Joe!) they had fantastic seats from which to watch our beloved Aggies make fools of themselves. But, being 6, Jonathan didn't seem to mind one bit!

Jonathan has had a hard time sleeping lately. His buddy at school told him that mummies are walking around Houston, TX. His friend thought this was funny. Jonathan, with his active imagination, is picturing them walking on over from Houston and into our neighborhood here in C.S. Poor guy!

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