Thursday, May 15, 2008

Curt's China Experience...

Since Curt was in China for his trip, he has shared a few stories with me. Some of them are very hopeful, about how China is progressing, allowing more free enterprise, etc... He also told me some very sad things.

Like how many children are in the streets begging for food or money. One little girl touched him. She was younger than Jonathan, pulling on his coat, asking for food or money. She was a beautiful child.

And then, the one story I can't get out of my head...

A woman came up to Curt and one of his team members and tried to give them her baby. The baby was sick and she wanted Curt or his friend to take the child.

Curt said it was really hard to walk through the streets every day and wonder what was going to happen to all these children.

Reminded me of an article about Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ) who recently adopted two children from China after visiting an orphanage there.

Made me think that if anyone out there has ever thought of adopting a child from China... go for it. They need help! The children available for adoption are mostly girls, because of China's only child policy (which is still in place), boys are not abandoned like the girls. Boys are much more valuable in Chinese culture... and if you only get to have one child, guess who gets abandoned, or aborted...

I think Catholic Charities has the ability to facilitate Chinese adoptions and I know there are lots of other organizations out there, too. There are probably organizations we can donate to that really get help to these children (not just their government). If you know of any, please add it in the comments!

I'm sure there will only be more children abandoned after the earthquake (that missed Curt by 24 hours).


  1. All those little children in cribs just make me so sad. They are just lying there with no attention. Sad!

  2. very heartbreaking
    thanks for the post
    and Curt narrowly escaped!
    thank God!

  3. You broke my heart Lauren. Having someone try to give a child away, how hopeless you must be to try and do such a thing. :-(

  4. It is completely devastating to think of what others suffer through while we are so well-provided for in the states, and especially children. I hope Curt continues to share this experience to help us all keep our hearts open to God's call to reach out! Thanks for this post! (and thanks be to God that he got home in time!)