Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday...

I just read this fantastic article by Fr. Jonathan Morris and was completely inspired! Titled "Virtue of Contemplation on Super Tuesday", he helps us put into perspective what all this political chaos is really about. Regardless of who you are "for" or "against", I think Fr. Jonathan (isn't that a great name!) helps us to refocus on the true purpose of politics....

Here's a quote from the article, just to make you read more on his site:

"Contemplation and politics are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the contemplative man or woman is usually the most interested in social wellbeing and the most engaged in its pursuit. He sees politics as a means to prepare the human soul for more important activity (like loving and being loved), instead of as an end in and of itself. He sees the politician as a man or a woman called to collaborate in the ordering of society for the good of the human person, such that every citizen, buoyed first by the family and then by community organizations, may pursue and achieve his natural and supernatural ends." Fr. Jonathan Morris, "Virtue of Contemplation on Super Tuesday"


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