Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Introducing... the Carefree Summer

I have been inspired to collect various fun and relatively FREE summer activites.


Because my kids are driving me nuts. Already. And it's only the FIRST week of summer break. So, rather than spend lots of money we don't have on activities and camps that we can't afford... rather than plunking my 4 down in front of a screen all day long... I have been collecting activities that I've found online to keep them busy.

The catch is that my children are 3,5,9, 11. Quite an age range. So, I hope that I'll be able to find things that keep them all entertained and chipper and give me a little peace and time to work, cook, clean and read good books. And, since the ages are pretty diverse, I hope that you might be able to find something that will fit in with your family, too!

So, here's the first delivery:
1. I really liked this compilation of classic camp crafts from FamilyFun.com. Cool things like Stick vases and God's eyes!

2. One of my latest blog finds, Fancy House Road, celebrated "Backyard Games Week" by making this great printable checklist of supplies for some really fun backyard games.

3. We've already done this one A Paper Fortune Teller from Skip to my Lou.


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