Monday, September 13, 2010

Moma Remedy Monday {take 4}

Sorry I missed a few Mondays... but I am prepared today!

We saw this sign as we drove to the top of Pike's Peak during our trip to Colorado. The text reads:
"Due to sightings in the area of a creature resembling 'Big Foot' this sign has been posted for your safely."

I made Curt back up so I could take a picture!

Good to know our state parks have a sense of humor.

Colleen on the way home. We left at 4 AM and arrived in College Station at 7:30 PM. This was more than half way through. We were all a bit crazy by that point!

Katherine watching the rain before gymnastics.

Katherine and her friends with shorts on their heads. You can't say they lack creativity...

Jonathan stole my phone to document the action on the ground...

this isn't very recent, but I reprinted it yesterday so I could stick it in a frame. I just love it... it's hard to get everyone to look sweet at the same time, but I think I nailed it on this one.

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