Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 Quick Takes (vol. 2)

It's really hot. I know you know this, but it really IS hot.

I remember complaining last summer to my husband about the kids being bored in the summertime. He said, "You know, Mom used to kick us all out of the house in the summertime. We'd run around and get into trouble... but we were out of her hair."

When it's 100 degrees outside, you just can't do that. If only I lived in Minnesota... just for the summertime.

Recently, Colleen and I visited an one of my oldest friends. We met when we were 12 at summer camp.

Her little son, Sean, is just a cutie pie.

Colleen and Sean had fun playing and she is STILL talking about him!

Last week, I lost my "The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brain" book. I thought I was finally going crazy or the devil was keeping me from reading it because he is using the computer to corrupt my family. But my husband snagged it for the duration of his business trip. I snagged it back, and after last week, I really think I need to read it.

Etsy stop of the day... I just love these silhouette prints by Nella Designs.
You can customize your family print with various silhouettes for the mom, dad, and various children poses.

And her other prints are just delightful also!

I finished Lizzie's War by Tim Farrington.
I will be getting anything else this man has ever written.
I want to be Lizzie's best friend, but I'm afraid she'd see right through me. 
The novel is honest and real. The characters could be people living right next door, and you'd never know. I learned more about the Vietnam War than I ever though I would.
I highly recommend Lizzie's War! Thanks for the recommendation, BettyDuffy!!

I updated my Santa Clara Design website. I wonder if it's too feminine... But, I do like it...


A Light Left On by Mary Sarton

In the evening we came back
Into our yellow room,
For a moment taken aback
To find the light left on,
Falling on silent flowers,
Table, book empty chair
While we had gone elsewhere,
Had been away for hours.

When we came home together
We found the inside weather.
All of our love unended
The quiet light demanded,
And we gave, in a look
At yellow walls and open book.
The deepest world we share
And do not talk about
But have to have, was there,
And by that light found out.


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