Wednesday, March 18, 2009

space launch...

So, this weekend, we had the amazing experience of travelling to Dallas and going to the King Tut Exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art.


is all I have to say.

And, if you can go... GO! We just loved it!

Over the weekend, Emelie had been perfecting the art of bugging her little brother. Tricking him, teasing him, etc...

He put up with her.

Then, as we left the museum, we were talking about all the amazing things that the Egyptians made and invented. Imagining what it would be like to live back then...

Jonathan: "I know what I will invent."
Mom: "what?"
Jonathan: "I will invent a space launcher. And I will launch Emelie into outer space."

You should have seen the shock on Emelie's face! It was almost as good as the smug look of satisfaction on Jonathan's.

Take that big sister! You just wait!


  1. Hello, I found you blog from Blair. We live in Houston and I am thinking I might take my older ones up to Dallas to visit that exhibit. I am thinking of taking just my 14 and 13 year olds and leaving the rest at home. Tell me do you think it is worth that long of a drive? We love Egyptian stuff but is there enough to the exhibit to justify the cost of the travel? Thanks for any thoughts on this. I am glad you had an inspiring visit.
    In Him,

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