Sunday, February 22, 2009

the little ones I love...

Jonathan: has a crush on our babysitter. He was recently quoted in his classroom newsletter: "Tooth Fairies are real, but magic, like making someone float, is a trick. I've seen it." He can draw just about anything. He played his last soccer game in the rain and had a blast!

Emelie: gets angry when Katherine calls Emelie's old imaginary friends on the play telephone. Likes to read Star Wars, Little Women and Nancy Drew. She's a super piano player. She likes to clean the bathroom. The other day, she walked up and said, "Mom, I really think we should clean the bathroom more often. It gets gross in there really fast!"

Katherine: likes to make her big sister mad by calling Emelie's old imaginary friends on the telephone. Katherine's imaginary friends are Belisa and Shalla. Belisa's mommy's name is "Big Belisa" and Shalla's mommy's name is, you guessed it, "Big Shalla". She likes to creep around the house at 6 am, turn on all the lights and search for candy. She likes to wear dresses and very fancy shoes. Some days she wants to be called "Callie".

Colleen: likes to crawl behind the couch and pull my lamp over. Then she heads over the the TV console and pulls the wii remotes off the charger, sits back and grins. When she smiles, she still gets her crinkle across her nose and her eyes still get squinty... and she smiles a lot.


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