Tuesday, September 2, 2008

real life funnies

Setting: Car, on the way to a doctor appointment on Labor Day. Kids squealing, poking each other, getting in each other's "space", etc... Lots of NOISE.

Katherine, in her little, sweet, high pitched voice: "I don't like ANYBODY in this car!"


Later that day...

Setting: Making a pie with Emelie while everyone else is sleeping or otherwise occupied.

I have light corn syrup on the counter with the other ingredients.

Emelie: "Mom, is this that high ferocious corn syrup? I hear that's really bad for you!"

I bet so!!


  1. yeah, steer clear from that ferocious corn syrup. definitely not good for the kiddos. ;)

  2. Not according to the new commercials. Apparently, high ferocious corn syrup is ULTRA healthy for us, especially for our children! Read this and weep if you haven't seen it: http://www.sweetsurprise.com/

    Emelie is so bright, I bet nothing gets past her!