Tuesday, June 10, 2008

stuff to make you think...

So, for the three of you that don't already read the St. Mary's blog on a daily basis, I wanted to pass along a few new posts that I just love. They're written by Sarah. Don't know her, but want to! Her writing is so beautiful, deep, clear and inspiring. She's one of those types that make you want to be holy!

Here are a few of her latest:



and more...

Also, Marcel at St. Mary's recently wrote up this great description of "Catholic Basics" which are "
short blurbs on why Catholics do what we do in the Mass for those who may not understand it fully." Even though I am Catholic, I really enjoyed and appreciated his clear and simple descriptions and the Scripture associated with each explanation. Good job, Marcel!!

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  1. I read the articles and they were amazing. She is a great writer! Thanks!