Friday, June 2, 2006

Jonathan's Spring Program

Jonathan had his spring program at the end of may. He enjoyed going to "school" two days a week at our parish's child development center. His teacher, Mrs. Tricia, was perfect for Jonathan. He invited her to come home with him to play dinosaurs several times! Jonathan doesn't know the definition of stage fright... he had a ball up on the stage, singing and dancing his heart out (his music teacher says he's got rhythm!!).

Jonathan and Michael Pettibon are a pair to be reckoned with! Their favorite games always include swords, running into things and wrestling... they weren't in the same class at school, but get together often to play at each other's homes.

Jonathan ate lunch with his friend Victoria. Victoria invited Jonathan to go on vacation with her this summer...

Jonathan, Daddy and the wonderful Mrs. Tricia


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